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THE Zimbabwe Council of Pentecos-tal Churches (ZCPC) Chitungwiza Chapter on March 20 donated five wheelchairs, 10 crutches, five walking sticks and 10 packs of adult diapers to Chitungwiza Central Hospital (CCH) as part of their efforts to fulfill their divine mission of preaching the word of God.
During the handover ceremo-ny, which was made possible thanks to initiatives implemented by the ZCPC’s Humanitarian Commission – churches were challenged to practice what they preach by extending a help-ing hand to those in need and avoid a situation whereby they become solely heavenly-minded but earthly useless.
This was said by Apostle Pride Sibiya, the president of ZCPC Chitungwiza chapter who noted how imperative it was for the church to go an extra mile in their ministry by de-livering tangibles to the communities to whom they preach the word of God.
“As the Zimbabwe Council of Pentecostal Churches, which is a board or a grouping of Pentecostal churches in Zimbabwe, we felt it within ourselves as the Chitungwiza chapter that our hospital (CCH) was doing great and therefore deserved something worthwhile in return.
“Chitungwiza Central Hospi-tal is very smart and clean and our relatives are well treated and cared for here, and therefore, as Pentecostals we realized that we needed to do more than just preach the word of God but also gather the churches to be socially responsible so that we are not just heavenly-minded and earthly useless.
“This is the reason why we came with this donation, small as it might be, but which we will go a long way in our cordial and long-standing relationship between ZCPC and this hospital. To you Dr Moyo, your staff

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