By Richmore Tera
Associate Editor
WE are thrilled to announce that a new baby has been delivered at Chi-tungwiza Central Hospital (CCH)!
This bundle of joy and latest arrival into our family is the new website for the institution which carries all the relevant information and news clients might need to know, just at the mere click of a button following the link
A brainchild of the hospital’s Public Relations Office with the ex-press nod of the Chief Executive Of-ficer himself, Dr Obadiah Moyo, the website shall be a resourceful online portal for clients who want to get the necessary information which include hospital management, its board of directors as well as the organogram that also comprises heads of depart-ments.
Services such as clinical, financial, operations and internal au-diting are also on offer on the website while the composition of the medical team, vacancies application proce-dures, how to make donations, our news, gallery, and contact details are all found on the new resource.
The Public Relations Officer Mrs Audrey Tasaranarwo said they were excited with the latest develop-ment.

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