By Audrey Tasaranarwo
CCH Outlook Editor
All is set for Chitungwiza Central Hospital (CCH) to participate at this year’s annual Harare Agricultural Show, a premier event organized by the Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) for the national facilita-tion and promotion of agricultural development in Zimbabwe running under the theme “Field to indus-try. Produce, Connect, and Develop.”
The event attracts more than 500 exhibitors and over 180 000 people annually, the show presents a unique business opportunities for national and re-gional organizations and is the highlight of many Ha-rare residents’ annual entertainment calendar. CCH will be showcasing the kidney trans-plant project, where scores of people are expected to attend the Harare Agricultural Show to witness one of the most exciting annual events of the year, where exhibitors from both public and private sector will show case their services and products.
Chitungwiza Central Hospital scooped the chance to take part in the inaugural exhibition at the Harare Agricultural Show since 2012, under the aus-pices of the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MOHCC).

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