Clinical Services - Chitungwiza Hospital

Clinical Services

Renal Unit

An eight (8) bedded unit which is fully equipped and is manned by highly skilled manpower.

What we do

  • Provide comprehensive quality care in a friendly and supportive environment to patients with kidney diseases from a wide catchment area.
  • We provide Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) services and haemodialysis services.


The unit is located at the heart of Chitungwiza Central Hospital near the Intensive Care Unit.

How to contact us

Call the hospital at 0270-31138/31850 or and ask for extension 2111-4


We offer comprehensive quality individualised care for all general surgical cases, orthopaedic cases and urology cases.

  • Ward 3 the Male surgical ward is a 34 bedded ward inclusive of a private ward.
  • Female surgical ward is a 40 bedded ward inclusive of a private ward.
  • Offers excellent services in orthopaedics, urology and general surgical cases.
  • Ward 1 the Female ward offers services for gynaecological conditions.


The hospital is 30 km in the south east of the City of Harare. Look for female ward 1 and male surgical ward 3.

Who is this for?

  • This service is for all surgical cases male and female.
  • Caters for the clients of 12 years of years and above.

Radiology Department

Services offered by Radiology Department


Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) combines the use of a very strong cylinder-shaped magnet, radio waves and a powerful computer system to measure the magnetic properties of body tissue. This information is converted into grey scale images which are used to detect differences between normal and abnormal tissue. The level of soft tissue detail seen with MRI is extraordinary compared with other imaging devices.

CT Scan

Computerised tomography (CT) is a specialised x-ray examination which combines many x-ray images to generate cross-sectional views of the body with the aid of a powerful computer. It produces detailed images of internal organs and structures of the body in both 2D and in 3D.


An ultrasound scan uses high frequency sound waves to create an image of the inside of the body. Baines Imaging Group performs many ultrasound scans each year and also offers a full range of ultrasound procedures including musculoskeletal injections and ultrasound guided biopsy


An x-ray is high-energy radiation that passes easily through soft tissues and fluids. X-rays or radiographs are the most frequent radiology examination we perform. They are particularly useful for bones and the chest.

Operating Theatre

The department comprises of four operating theatres:-

  • 2 theatres for major operations
  • 2 theatres for minor operations

Equipped with magnificent multiparameter monitor anaesthetic machines

Has a backup generator service in cases of electricity problems.

Has a filled air conditioning and scavenging system.

What We Do

The department offers comprehensive individualised surgical services to all booked and emergency

Home Based Care

Department Functions

  • To ensure continuity of care from the health care institutions to the community
  • To make the resources available known to both the community and health care givers.
  • To assist the care givers in the implementation of the community Home Based Care Policy
  • To strengthen the existing referral system and to explore the alternatives models of community care such as the Red Cross/ Utano Project.
  • To highlight the value of community Home Based Care to the people.
  • To prescribe the minimum package of Care for Home Based Programme.
  • To establish an interphase between community Home Based Care Programme and the existing health care delivery System.

Health Education

Department functions

  • Ensuring and facilitating the implementation of appropriate health promotion practice within the hospital.
  • Coordinate/facilitate the assessment, design development and distribution of appropriate health Promotion material within the institution.
  • Planning and organising training workshops for the hospital staff as per identified needs
  • Facilitating and coordinate the carrying out of essential Research on health promotion within the institution
  • Organizing and ensuring the delivery of health education talks to patients and relatives at individual or group level.
  • Representing the hospital at meetings with other sectors.
  • Organising and planning for commemorative activities at the hospital as the yearly planner
  • Representing the hospital at multi sectorial health promotion meetings at the head office, health promotion unite.
  • Sourcing for IEC materials from ZNFPC, SAFAIDS, AIDS and TB Unit, and other resource centres.
  • Counselling patients and staff
  • Organising and chairing health Promotion committee meetings monthly within the hospital.
  • Teaching student nurses on health education.
  • Writing quarterly and annual reports on health promotion activities at the hospital.

O/I Department

O/I Department
• The opportunistic Infections Clinic was opened in October 2004.Its catchment area include Chitungwiza city, Seke rural, Epworth, Beatrice and surrounding farms.

• The clinic is located within the Annexe building and office containers behind the Annexe building.
• The department is open from Monday to Friday from 0715 hours to 1600 hours. It is closed on weekends and public holidays.
• Booking of patients for investigations and for doctor to see
• Bio marker investigations i.e., CD4 count, FBC, U&Es, Viral load and LFTs done Monday     to Thursday.
• Issuing of results on Friday
• Enrolment of patients daily.
• Doctor’s clinic for adults Is done Mon to Fri
• Paediatrics are seen by the doctor daily.
• Treatment of OIs on daily basis
• Drug collection on Mon to Fri
• Updating of registers
• Filing
• Counselling, i.e. basic counselling, adherence and supportive counselling
• Addressing sexual reproductive health issues

• The department is headed by Mrs S. Manamike
• The clinic has one Sister In Charge, 1 midwife , 9 RGNs,2 SCN,3 Primary counsellor, 1       Nurse aide, 2 Junior employees, 1 I.T Officer and 3 Data Captures.
• There is 1 Paediatrician .
• There are 2 Physicians .
• There is 1 doctor

The department is supported by Ministry of Health and Child Care and has data capture clerks who captutre ART patients details and visits into an Electronic Patient Monitoring System (ePMS). The IT officer Brian Savanhu is responsible for the connectivity and smooth running of the system network as well as all computer hardware under the program including configuring the HIV macro database and uploading the monthly backup to the Central National Database .

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