The Procurement Management Unit - Chitungwiza Hospital

The Procurement Management Unit

The Procurement Management Unit

It is the centralized department responsible for the procurement of all hospital requirements


The department is manned by 2 procurement professionals who always ensure that procurement is done according to the laid down regulations.


  • Ensuring that all hospital departments and wards have adequate resources to carry out their daily business.
  • Create, manage and maintain a list of suppliers that do business with the hospital
  • Work closely with departments to ensure the procurement of the right products at the right time
  • Preparing highly quality tender documentation and ensuring the procurement of affordable products for the hospital.

Procurement Opportunities

  • The department advertises tenders in the herald and on the departments notice board whenever requirements are available. The notice board is located in the hospital main stores department.
  • All suppliers who are registered with the Procurement Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (PRAZ),  have a vendor number and a valid Tax Certificate are eligible to participate in the tenders. Suppliers are expected to check the tenders on a weekly basis.

Contact details

Chitungwiza Central Hospital Procurement Management Unit

Tel : 0270 (21) 30119

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