Mortuary Department - Chitungwiza Hospital

Mortuary Department

Procurement Mortuary Department

To improve mortuary services by facilitating proper storage as identification and clearance of bodies for burial by the relatives and pauper burial of the unclaimed bodies.

We ensure that 80% of all identified bodies are claimed for burial within 7 days of receipt. If they are other unknown bodies we take them one after the other into the gallery for identification by the relatives as requested. After positive identification unknowns to be renamed in the mortuary register with provided names

We provide relatives with necessary documents so as to obtain burial orders for burial from the registrar’s office According to Birth and Deaths Registration ACT (Chapter 5:02). We advise relatives to clear Hospital Bills so as to have receipts and invoices.

Dispatch of correct bodies to respective families every time the person collecting the body must bring a burial order before release of the body is done.

Body receiving and custody

Applicable to bodies received from there hospital wards and from the community

Pauper burial

to bury the destitute, unknown bodies including abandoned bodies. This must be done in excess of 3 months with assistance of department of social welfare.

Cremation process

To incinerate still born foetuses and infants as per parents’ request. both parents with witnesses and their national ID documents.


Cases with unclear circumstances of death (i.e. murder, poisoning and road traffic accident)


To create non infectious odourless clean environment in our department


We do all burial arrangements at affordable prices.

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