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Transport Department

CHITUNGWIZA Central Hospital (CCH)’s transport department stands out as one of the most crucial departments at the institution and it is responsible for the transportation of patients to and from the hospital, collection of vital pharmaceuticals from Natpharm and other institutions as well as the carrying out of other duties as assigned.

The department, which falls under the Operations Division and has a staff compliment of 15 drivers, is head-ed by Mr Mapuranga.

“Our primary mission is to ensure the availability and reliability of transport as an essential logistic for the delivery of health services; and to do this in the most cost effective and efficient manner,” said Mr Decide Mapuranga, who heads the department.

The transport department is key to the institution although it faces various challenges that can bring business at the institution to a standstill had it not been for the for-ward-thinking approach of management at the hospital who always ensure that the wheels are always rolling. The department is also responsible for ferrying hospital staff to various official destinations. The general roles of transport in the service are outlined as follows:

Patient Transportation (Transfers and Pre-Hospital Care)

Specialist Outreach Services which include conducting free medical consultation and covering state occasions. General administrative assignments like the delivery of letters and other important documents.

Most of the drivers are ambulance technicians trained by MARS and City of Harare. CCH is fortunate enough to have accredited drivers that take part in state duties. Surely this brings out why CCH is the only I.S.O certified public hospital for everything associated with this institution is of great quality.

Some are assigned for state occasions such as conferences, burial of heroes, sports and local events. They have gone as far as Chimoio in Mozambique, Kariba and Victoria Falls. These drivers were chosen because of their commitment and hard work.

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