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Accounts Department

Span of activities and structure

Finance department is entrusted with the management of the hospital’s financial resources. The department is headed by the finance director and it is made up of three divisions, namely accounts receivable, accounts payables and information technology, each divisional work is coordinated by a team of professionally qualified accountants. Budgets are also formulated and coordinated in this department under the supervision of the Finance Director.

Underlying philosophy

The underlying philosophy of finance department is that money is the life blood of the hospital operations and accordingly the department’s mission is to generate the financial revenue base to support and lubricate the hospital’s operations.

Accounts receivable

Hospital revenue is collected through accounts receivable division. Highly qualified staff, with a knack for patients care, runs this division. The department recognises that good money comes from good patient care. There are three methods through which patients can settle their hospital bills and these encapsulate cash, invoicing and medical aid.

Cash methods of payment

With the advent of the multi currency dispensation, patients can make cash payments through any of the major currencies that encompass South African rand, Botswana Pula, US dollar, Great Britain Pound and Euros among others.

Invoicing facility

Invoicing with a 30 days credit facility is available to those who need medical care but do not have cash readily available with them .The condition for accepting invoicing as a credit term is that the patient needs to have proof of residence, for instance ,utility bills and national ID.

Medical aid

Those who wish to pay through medical aid benefit facility need to bring the relevant medical aid card, national identity card and current payslip (for those whose membership is through employer organization).Payments can also be made through bank transfers ,Visa and debit cards and further details are available on request.

Social safety nets

Social safety nets that cater for the disadvantaged members of the society are also in place .Indigent members of the society can approach the Social Dimension Fund (SDF) for assistance with the payment of their medical bills .Children under 5 years and elderly people above 65 years old are catered for through a free medical care facility.

Accounts Payables

Hospital payments to all suppliers are handled through accounts payable division. The division is the hub of the hospital’s payments activities and also plays an oversight role on any value leakages in the supply and payment management chain. The purchasing philosophy is to buy high quality products at low cost, to enable the hospital to pass the benefits of low prices to the patients. The hospital’s procurement and tender systems reflect this underlying philosophy.

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