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Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations promote good communications and good relationship between hospital staff and the general public. The department is concerned with the reputation of the institution. We raise awareness about the patients’ charter (rights of patients). All clients have the right to be treated in a safe and clean environment.

monitoring  customer complaints and  feedback throughout the year.Handling customer complaints through taking appropriate corrective action. The public is advised to contact the Public Relations Officer if they feel that the service they got was not up to their expectations.

Recommendations and suggestions are welcome as they help us improve the service delivery. These can be dropped in suggestion boxes provided in wards and departments.

Counselling services to patients, relatives and anyone from the community with problems. This is a free service.

Health Promotion

Clients are free to contact the Public Relations Officer for advice and health education on issues pertaining to their illness.

Information Services

The department is also responsible for providing information about the institution such as services offered, training programmes etc.

Fundraising Projects

Responsible for spearheading various fundraising activities. Appealing to the public to donate in cash or kind to help the institution improve the welfare of patients/services. Your donation can make a difference to someone sick in hospital.

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