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Human Resource(HR)

Human Resources

An overview of the Human Resources Department


Human resource  planning determines the human resources required by the organization to achieve its strategic goals. The overall purpose of human resource planning is to ensure that the organization is able to achieve success through the most vital resource any organisation can possess, being employees . Human Resource Planning is a function which takes precedence at CCH upon the onset of a new year. It consciously follows a laid down plan which would have been deliberated during strategy sessions. Group strategy is disintegrated into organizational  strategy for each subsidiary and then percolated through to HR, this is made effective through ensuring that when strategy deliberation are made at whichever level an HR representative will be available.


CCH has consistently followed a strategy of externally recruiting at lower levels whilst higher vacant positions are filled from within by way of internal promotions. Internally adverts are made and circulated via internal mail and internet through the Human Resources Officer or Public Relations Officer and externally, recruitment is done by means of advertising vacant positions in the newspapers with however a contactable email address for responses and notices boards, recruitment agencies may be engaged or alternatively HR goes through the applications.

Recruitment and selection at CCH is very diligent a process which is done paying full attention to every single detail. The process is transparent and every application which is submitted is considered and analyzed. Each candidate is given a fair share to be heard and the objective is to retain and attracthe best personnel available from the job market that matches the current and future human resources needs of the Organization and procedures are in line with the Health Services Regulations,SI 117 of 2006 .


At CCH, the process is a fair and valid mechanism to influence job grades. It proves to be a sound way of determining reward internally. There is minimum involvement of HR limited to training and facilitating sittings.


Reward Management can be defined as being concerned with the formulation and implementation of strategies and policies that aim to reward employees fairly, equitably and consistently tallying with their contribution to the organization.


CCH as an employer has adopted a number of Health and Safety measures aimed at ensuring that employees are constantly at a sound state of fitness in all areas.


It involves the analysis of the nature of employee relations at CCH  by dispute resolution and dealing with disciplinary issues in accordance to the provisions of the Statutory Instrument 117 0f 2006 and  Labor Act.


The department facilitates some of the training programs at the organization recommending or receiving on the job training reports. Upon employment employees are given a stipulated training period wherein they are assessed to analyze their ability to cope up with the new job developments and requirements. This can be defined as probation or straight as a training program. Confirmation to position is based on successful accomplishment of set goals at the end of the training program.

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