I.T Department - Chitungwiza Hospital

I.T Department

Information and Communications Technologies Department

OFTEN called by all sorts of names like the ‘Young Turks’ or ‘Young Blood’ among others, but nothing can beat the fact that young people have proven to be good leaders at Chitungwiza Central Hospital (CCH)’s Information Technology department which is one of the newest departments at the hospital. The department was established in 2010 in line with the hospital’s vision and mission of moving with modern technology.

The department has ushered the hospital from the pen and paper era to the new digital universe where every-thing from data capturing and collection is tackled by digital means. The I.T. department acts as a bridge between the technological global world and CCH staff enabling them to access internet services, among other technological components.

The I.T department is unique because it is being driven by young people namely Mr Tafadzwa Gandiwa who is the head of department while Mr Marshal P Machikiche Kumire deputies him. Among these males there is a female Miss Samantha N Mugari.

Mr T Gandiwa was appointed as the I.T. Manager when Mr Makoonde – the one who was in charge of the department resigned. Now Mr Gandiwa is the gatekeeper in this crucial department. Mr Tafadzwa Gandiwa holds a diploma in Information Technology which he attained from the University of Zimbabwe.

“Information is power, and therefore the ICT department helps us to enhance and harvest knowledge through the use of various information systems, I was motivated by my mother to do Information Technology who was a systems analyst at the bank,” Gandiwa explained.

Marshal being most innovative and creative holds Masters of Data Science from Chinhoyi university catapulted by a honors degree in Information Systems Technology: WUA and

a diploma Software Engineering from University of Zimbabwe and series of diplomas in IT Systems Analysis Design.

” Work on S.M.A.R.T. goals all way the development of the IT department*

Miss Mugari holds a Bachelor of Science Honors degree in Computer Science from University of Zimbabwe.

Miss Mugari said, “I was motivated to pursue an I.T. course by my mother who encourage me to do something that bring innovation to the world and I.T is the best place for that.”

Their work entails servicing and maintenance of computers at the hospital. They also do networking of internet and SAP including installing and cabling. ICT staff also maintains and support software such as SAP, lab management system, pharmacy management and records applications (DHIS). The other system which is at the hospital is HITRAC which is used for keeping database of CCH employees. The I.T. department’s other responsibilities include creditors as well as managing Netone and Econet bulky SMS platforms.

The hospital is moving in line with modern technology by establishing this department. CCH was chosen by the Office of the President and Cabinet to pioneer the SAP system which is the computerization of hospital records. The department has three permanent employees and 6 students from various tertiary institutions. Out of the 9 employees in the I.T. department, four employees are women showing that the CCH I.T. department has already started paving the way for women I.T. experts in Zimbabwe.

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